French Oak Tradition Topia Alto 139

French Oak Tradition Topia Alto 139
French Oak Tradition Topia Alto 139
Brand: Panaget

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Product Code: PA-4178

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With its subtle grey nuances, Topia will fire your decorative imagination.
It’s the very embodiment of discreet, refined elegance.
Topia can be used as the basis for a firework display of plum violet, deep red and powder pink.
It works with anything: green adds a natural touch, while blue is fresh and cool.
Simple yet stylish, Topia transcends the bounds of fashion. You may change the rest of your interior one day, but not your flooring.
Width (mm) 139
Length (mm) 1210
Thickness (mm) 12
Facing thickness (mm) 2,5
Area Type HDF
Chamfer 2 longitudinal chamfers
Laying Glue-free floating installation


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