Bona Naturale 1-Comp

Bona Naturale 1-Comp

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Product Code: bona Bona Naturale 1-Comp

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A unique floor surface treatment suitable for use on wooden floors in homes. Achieves a totally natural looking, easy to maintain surface. Bona Naturale 1-Component is waterborne and contains less than 5% solvents.

WARNING: This product contains drying oils. Risk of self-ignition. Used cloths and similar fibrous material should be placed in water or sealed metal containers.

Key Facts

Bona Naturale 1-Comp  
Look and feel of pure wood. Two layers only – a true one day system.
Can be spot repaired. No need of a primer, wood sealer, conditioner and wood protector in one product.
Easy to use – one component with user-friendly properties. High resistance to wear, scuff marks and scratches.
Good chemical resistance to household chemicals.  
Size: 4.5L  


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