Bona Gap Master

Bona Gap Master

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Bona Gap Master is a silicone free floor gap filling mastic designed to fill gaps between parquet blocks, around skirting boards and door thresholds. Based on polyurethane and acrylate. It contains no solvents, is odourless and can be used with all parquet finishes. It retains a high degree of flexibility.
Expansion is approximately 7%.

Key Facts

Bona Gap Master  
High degree of flexibility. Can be sanded and overcoated.
Solvent free. Silicone free.
Available in 14 colours. Size: 0,75L
Available colors: Beech Dark, Cherry, Ash/Fir, Bog Oak, Oak/Dark, Wenge, White, Black, Maple, Nut, Beech Light, Teak, Oak Light, Red Exotic Wood.  


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