Quickstep Vogue Rustic Oak Natural Planks 156mm Wide

Quickstep Vogue Rustic Oak Natural Planks 156mm Wide
Quickstep Vogue Rustic Oak Natural Planks 156mm Wide Quickstep Vogue Rustic Oak Natural Planks 156mm Wide
Brand: Quickstep

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Product Code: QS2014 VOGUE UVG 1391
Size (LxWxH): 1380mm x 156mm x 9mm

Pack Coverage: 1.507m²

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This is one of our more popular boards because of it's quality ambience and sturdiness: The Quickstep Rustic Oak Natural Planks 156mm wide from the Vogue Collection

This laminate flooring is enhanced with its classic oak inspired design with real surface texture.

This flooring is a convenient comes in a convenient size of 156mm by 1380mm which allows for a much greater ease of installation when compared to a traditional hardwood flooring. 

This board is a very good choice within the Modern Rustic Style. The enhanced natural look of the Rustic Oak Grey creates a lived in look and accentuates the warm ambience of the room.

This flooring is fitted with a Genuine bevel which matches the character of the wood design. The groove also contains grains and colour variations.

Laminate flooring is a relatively new technology which has quickly become one of the worlds widest used flooring choices. Versatile, easy to maintain, and reasonably priced, many people consider this the de facto flooring choice. The wear layer of a laminate floor protects the material from stains and some spills making cleaning and maintenance relatively easy.



Laying this quickstep floor is easy thanks to the new patented and world famous Uniclic system. With two methods

This flooring is installed with the revolutionary Uniclick Multifit system to effortlessly click the planks together. This sysem is very easy to use, is a lot faster and a lot more solid than other systems. Installation becomes a breeze, even in the smallest corners of the room.



Method 1 Rotate and Click

Click the panels into each other along the long side and the short side.


Method 2 Horizantal Insertion

Ideal for awkward corners. Unlike most other systems Uniclic panels can also be joined together horizontally. This is essential when you get to install the last row of panels or in places where it is difficult or even impossible to rotate the panels (under-neath door frames or heating units, for example.)




The top layer of this Quickstep laminate floor has an extra protective layer, so you can enjoy your beautiful, natural looking floor for even longer. Thanks to scratch guard technology, which is the result of years of research and investment in the field of durability Quickstep floors are up to ten times more scratch resistant than floors without scratch guard.


Moisture Resistant

This floor comes with water resistant glued base plate  and the tensile strength (pre-tensioning) of our click systems provide excellent protection against surface moisture, such as spilled drinks. Please be aware that moisture resistant does not mean moisture proof. All spillages must be mopped up immediately and water should never be left on the floor.

Antistatic Surface

An end to annoying electrostatic discharges. This Quickstep board has been given a unique, permanent anti-static treatment. As a result, your floor will attract significantly less dust. 

Floor Info
Pack Coverage: 1.507
Price (sq metre): 29.49

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