Floor Fitting

Floor Fitting

Artisan Hardwood Flooring can supply all you need for fitting hardwood or laminate flooring.  Our accessories are suitable for click and glued flooring.

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Bona Deck Oil
Bona Deck Oil keeps outdoor decks as good as new, all year round. It’s easy to apply, it dries quickly and it does not contain cobalt or harmful fungicides. It’s what you’d expect from Bona. WARNING: This product contains drying oils. Risk of ..
Bona R844
Bona R844 is a one-component, silane-based, 'soft elastic' (according to EN 14293) adhesive for dimensional stable multilayered, engineered parquet. Tensions to the sub floor are reduced. Use of a primer is in general not necessary. The adhesive h..
Floor Finishing Kit
  Fitting kit suitable for click and glued flooring   Includes the following items: Tough Hammering Block 20 Spacers PVA Spatula Pull Bar ..
Floor Strap Clamp
  Tighten several rows of floor panels at a time   Tension strap will strap together and tighten several rows of floor panels at a time We recommend you use 3-4 tension straps on a standard floor to guarantee no open join..
FloorBond  Floor Adhesive
  Solvent and water free wood floor adhesive using MS Polymer technology   Kit includes Bulk gun and 9 x sausages (MSP600) MS-Polymer is the latest technology Water Free 100% means it can be stored frost free for exam..