FloorBond Floor Adhesive

FloorBond  Floor Adhesive
Brand: Unika

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Product Code: AC FloorBond

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Solvent and water free wood floor adhesive using MS Polymer technology


Kit includes Bulk gun and 9 x sausages (MSP600)

MS-Polymer is the latest technology

Water Free 100% means it can be stored frost free for example over night in a van in winter.

Solvent Free 100% means it doesn’t need any special disposal requirements by the fitter.

Free from isocyanates which means it is a safer, greener product.

It has an EC-1 label which means it has very low emissions and can be used anywhere.

One component product which is ready to use and requires no mixing or preparation.

Easy to apply with cartridge gun

High final bond strength according to EN14293 standards

Remains permanently elastic which is important for allowing the floor to expand and contract

Suitable for under floor heating

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