BOEN Natural Oil 0.75 litre

BOEN Natural Oil 0.75 litre
Brand: Boen

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Wooden floors are often exposed to great stresses and strains. To retain the original surface properties over years, worn areas have to be renewed. After thorough cleaning, simply apply a very thin coat of Boen natural oil.

The hardwood floor also becomes abrasive, water and dirt, resistant - a long lasting surgae protection this is easy to maintain. 

Please note that for natural oiled floors BOEN recommends to apply a maintenance coat with BOEN Natural oil or equivalent oxidative oil before using the floor.


1. Old worn floors must be cleaned with BOEN Floor Soap or an equivalent, slightly alkaline soap containing fat (mixed with water 1:1). On small surface use a handheld scouring pad, for larger surfaces use a pad machine and white/brown pad, or scouring machine.

2. When the floor is dry apply a coat of BOEN Natural Oil. Start along the Edges, corners, under radiators etc. Use a lint-free cloth for applying a polishing/finishing to access difficult areas. APPLY THIN COATS! On the rest of the surface use Osmo Floor Brush 220mm, which provides the right amount of oil no the floor (40ml/m²0.

3. Rub the oil into the floor  with the floor brush. Apply a last coat as a ”final finish” in the board’s longitudinal direction. If you want more shine, the surface can be polished. 

4.  Errors during application can be corrected up to 15 min after the first application. Find the error, correct it and then correct your footprints on your way back.

5. Drying time 8 - 10 hours. Drying time depends on the room temperature between 18 - 22 °C MAINTENANCEBOEN NATURAL OILMaintenance of oiled surfaces and finishing treatment of untreated/sanded floors.90and relative humidity 50 - 60 %. Ensure good ventilation. Max. cure is achieved after approx. 14 days.
6. Clean the floor brush with white 


Choosing the correct sanding method is a fundamental element in determining the subsequent appearance and quality of the surface. If a wooden floor has been well treated and cared for, allover sanding is not necessary. 

There are, however, two 
  • Old floors that are completely or partially worn, graying or flaking, or that have been treated with water-based, polyurethane or other varnishes.
  • Where there are deep impressions or severe mechanical damage to the wood.


On untreated and sanded floorings, always 2 coats are required. Also when colour is used as primer. 

1.  First coat on the raw, sanded floor (see Floor preparation) as for ordinary maintenance; ca. 40 ml/m².

2. The dry surface can be, if desired, sanded using a fine (400-500 grain) sanding paper or smoothed using a scotch pad. 

3. Best result with the second coating on day 2. 


- ordinary maintenance, approx. 20 m² pr. ltr.
- on raw or sanded surface, approx. 12 m² with 2 coats


Solvent-free and non-water based: Full Solid. Based on natural oils and waxes - microporous. Can be stored up to 5 years or longer if can is full and tightly closed.

Cloths etc. are treated as flammable waste, and put into water or burned.
Keep out of reach of children. In case of contact with eyes rinse 
immediately with plenty of water and contact medical advice. Do not bring into contact with drinks, victuals and animal food. Work in areas with good ventilation. 

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