The Renaissance

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 Renaissance Collection



The renaissance collection of Engineered oak parquet blocks, has been selected to offer you the ability to create a truly unique statement in just about any room. Parquet flooring has existed for hundreds of years, the Renaissance collection adds a twist, engineered boards allows you to use this with a variety of substrates and also underfloor heating. 

The range of 10 different colours are all consistent in size allowing you to combine more than one colour very simply to achieve maximum impact. The entire range is pre-finished so there is no need to sand and seal just install the tonue and groove profile blocks with minimum fuss.

The 6mm wear layer is also consistent across the range meaning the installed floor will last for years to come. The colours available from dakr UV Oiled Marlborough to the lightest Natural Eton gives you the variety to select a floor to match your interior colour scheme.

Over 110 years of experience in hardwood flooring means we are a name you can trust for quality and service whatever your project may entail.


Atkinson & Kirby continually strive to improve our enviromental program, and are members fo the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). Improving sustainability allows nature to continue to take centre stage, being appreciated in homes, offices and in a variety of other location around the globe. We supply a wide range of products where the timber is sourced from forests that are independently certified.

Timber procurement is a core strand in our overall company enviromental policy which seeks continuous improvement in minimising the enviromental impact of the company's activities.

Chester    Dulwich    EpsomEton    Harrow    Malborough    Rugby   Shewsbury    Westminister   Winchester

Available in a selection of ten colours

6mm Wear layer

Block Size: 500mm x 100mm

Thickness: 20mm

Profile: Tongue & Groove

Suitable for underfloor heating

Pack size: 0.5m²

Renaissance collection two


Wear layer: 6mm

Block dimensions: 20/6 x 100 x 500mm

Species & Grade: Rustic Oak

Installation: Glued Down

FSC Certified

Suitable for use with Underfloor Heating

10 Year Warranty

  Product name Product code Finish
westminister Westminister 700754 UV Oiled
Eton Eton 700757 Natural Oiled, Hand-finished
Shewsbury Shewsbury 700753 Brushed and White UV Oiled
rugby Rugby 700756 White UV Oiled
Chester 700755 Brushed and Grey UV Oiled
Winchester 700752 Brushed and UV Oiled
epsom Epsom 700758 Natural Oiled, Hand-finished
Harrow Harrow 700751 Lacquered
marlborough Marlborough 700759 special order Hand-scraped, UV Oiled
duluich Duluich 700760 special order Black UV Oiled

Blocks can be laid in the following patterns:

Square Basket Diagonal Basket Diagonal Herringbone Herringbone
square basket diagonal basket diagonal herringbone herringbone
Double Herringbone Brick HalfBond Decking Offset
double herringbone brick half bond decking offset
Diagonal panel ship deck Herringbone with Border Edge Multicoloured example
diagonal panel shipdeck herringbone with border edge multi-coloured example


To see how this flooring range will look with a variety of furniture you can see here at atkinson and kirbys website