Sand Collection

Unique white-lacquered and oiled floors in several sandy-white shades for a fresh, clean and pared-down feel.

Number of layers: 3
Thickness: 15 mm
Surface layer: 3.5 mm
Core material: Pine/Spruce lamella
Joint: Woodloc® 5S
Installation: To be installed floating on a level, solid surface such as concrete, particleboard or wood. Can also be glued down.
Resandable: 2-3 times
Warranty: 30 years

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Ash Aalborg
Kahrs Ash Aalborg Ash Aalborg is a cleaner grade with some colour and grain variation. Tenchical Specifications   List Code 151N8MAK1WKW220 Thickness (mm) 15 ..
Ash Falsterbo
Kahrs Ash Falsterbo The clean, white tone of this ash floor is accentuated with a white matt lacquer finish.             If you want to create a fresh and clean look in your home then look no further than the ..
Ash Mariehamn
Kahrs Ash Mariehamn Ash Mariehamn is a light, white-coloured floor. The strips are selected to provide a subdued, harmonious impression.           Brighten up any room in your home with the Kahrs ash Mariehamn engi..
Ash Sandvig
Kahrs Ash Sandvig Ash Sandvig is a light, exclusive 1-strip floor. Nature's own design with knots and a lively structure. A characteristic is its bi-colour pattern with a soft white matt lacquer. The darker core in ash creates fantastic patter..
Ash Skagen
Kahrs Ash Skagen Ash Skagen combines the naturalness and liveliness of ash with the elegance and lightness of white matt lacquer. The white matt lacquer highlights the wood’s natural beauty, giving the whole floor a soft and pleasing finish. ..
Oak Brighton
Kahrs Oak Brighton Oak Brighton (white pigmented, matt lacquer finish) is an exclusive 1-strip floor (board). This means that the visible part of each board (wearing surface) is taken from one piece of wood. Nature's own design with knots and ..
Oak Estoril
Kahrs Oak Estoril Oak Estoril is a classic floor, where the natural wood characteristics has been enhanced with microbevel and brushing topped with a white stained natural oil. Kahrs Original Sand Estoril is bright, sunny and warm. The Oak..
Oak Portofino
Kahrs Oak Portofino Oak Portofino with a white pigmented matt lacquer finish is a cleaner grade with some colour and grain variation. Turn your home into a stylish space that will be envied by all with the designer Kahrs oak Portfino engin..
Oak Sorrento
Kahrs Oak Sorrento Oak Sorrento, a classic oak floor from Kährs, available with white-pigmented matt lacquer which brings out the wood's natural variations and gives the surface elegance and lightness. Kahrs Oak Sorrento engineered wood fl..