Harmony Collection

Harmony - the comfort of home, with its warm, nurturing atmosphere. A place to retreat, awash with mellow tones that calm the body and soul. The subtle, rich tones of Kährs Harmony Collection are designed to complement all interior styles and to create a sense of well-being.

Number of layers: 3
Thickness: 15 mm
Surface layer: 3.5 mm
Core material: Pine/Spruce lamella
Joint: Woodloc® 5S
Installation: To be installed floating on a level, solid surface such as concrete, particleboard or wood. Can also be glued down.
Resandable: 2-3 times
Warranty: 30 years

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Ash Alabaster
Kahrs Ash Alabaster Ash Alabaster is a truly white floor with micro bevels. It has some wood structure and may contain knots. It’s stunningly white and will turn your home into a tranquil haven – it has to be the designer Kahrs ash Alabast..
Oak Ale
Kahrs Oak Ale With it´s saturated, rich and warm nuances, this floor creates a generous and luxurious ambiance. Kahrs Oak Ale is a rich and warm floor which is full of colour. Each board of this floor was chosen for its rustic properties a..
Oak Alloy
Kahrs Oak Alloy A light gray with earth tones that works well as a base for a variety of interior styles. The sap wood elements breathe life and variation into the surface. Kahrs Oak Alloy uses sapwood to its full potential, creating a flo..
Oak Brownie
Kahrs Oak Brownie Deep and dark tones with a warm glow underneath creates a robust and full-bodied atmosphere. Each Kahrs Oak Brownie is saturated with warm, glowing colour. The shades range from deep caramel to dark chocolate, and the woo..
Oak Dew
Kahrs Oak Dew The Harmony floors enhance an exclusive sensation of your habitat. Combined with the floor's distinctive wood texture, the white nature oil patina provides a fresh ambiance. Make a room look naturally charming with the Kahrs ..
Oak Frost
Kahrs Oak Frost Oak Frost is a 3-strip floor with a brushed, white pigmented, matt lacquer finish. Each three-strip oak plank in this designer flooring solution is detailed with wood knots that add to its charm. The Kahrs oak Frost enginee..
Oak Lava
Kahrs Oak Lava Oak Lava is a 3-strip floor with a brushed, black pigmented, matt lacquer finish. Add a rich and warm ambience to your home with the Kahrs oak Lava engineered wood flooring. Flooring Supplies offers discount on bulk orders o..
Oak Limestone
Kahrs Oak Limestone The subtle tones of this wood flooring will leave you with the space to create a more detailed interior to accompany your new floor. The brushed matt lacquer wood flooring is built to last a lifetime. Tenchical Specific..
Oak Pale
Kahrs Oak Pale This semi transparent white with balanced contrast allows the warm oak nuances to shine through. The perfect base for a light, nordic style interior. Each Kahrs Oak Pale board offers a veneer of natural grade oak that has be..
Oak Smoke
Kahrs Oak Smoke Light smoked, matt lacquered surface. Colour variation due to smoking. Once it’s installed, you’ll be dying to show off your new Kahrs Oak Smoke Engineered Wood Floor to your friends and family. The three strip floors are s..
Oak Soil
Kahrs Oak Soil The Harmony floors enhance the sensation of your habitat. Combined with the floor's distinctive wood texture, the deep brown nature oil patina breaths history and elegance.      It’s rustic, rough and sumptuou..
Oak Stone
Kahrs Oak Stone The Harmony floors enhance the sensation of your habitat. Combined with the floor's distinctive wood texture, the grey nature oil patina is your fashionable choice for a modern look. Kahrs Oak Stone creates a particularly ..