Classic Nouveau Collection

A floor collection that has been refined through brushing and staining and the creation of a distinctive bevel on all four edges. Floors that are as beautiful as they are easy to look after.

Number of layers: 3
Thickness: 15 mm
Surface layer: 3.5 mm
Core material: Pine/Spruce lamella
Joint: Woodloc® 5S
Installation: To be installed floating on a level, solid surface such as concrete, particleboard or wood. Can also be glued down.
Resandable: 2-3 times
Warranty: 30 years

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Oak Nouveau Black
Kahrs Oak Nouveau Black Oak Nouveau Black is a 1-strip floor with a brushed, black pigmented, matt lacquer finish. The Kahrs oak Nouveau black engineered wood flooring is a stylish and masculine flooring solution. It will ooze charm and so..
Oak Nouveau Blonde
Kahrs Oak Nouveau Blonde This semi transparent white with balanced contrast allows the warm oak nuances to shine through. The perfect base for a light, nordic style interior. Kahrs Oak Nouveau Blonde has a fascinating looks that seems to b..
Oak Nouveau Bronze
Kahrs Oak Nouveau Bronze Oak Nouveau Bronze is a 1-strip floor with a brushed, bronze pigmented, matt lacquer finish. Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home with the Kahrs oak Nouveau bronze engineered wood flooring. Check out..
Oak Nouveau Charcoal
Kahrs Oak Nouveau Charcoal Oak Nouveau Charcoal is a 2-strip floor with a brushed, black pigmented, matt lacquer finish. Be bold with your home interior choices and order the designer Kahrs oak Nouveau charcoal engineered wood flooring tod..
Oak Nouveau Gray
Kahrs Oak Nouveau Gray A light gray with earth tones that works well as a base for a variety of interior styles. The sapwood elements breathe life and variation into the surface. Tenchical Specifications   List ..
Oak Nouveau Greige
Kahrs Oak Nouveau Greige Nouveau Greige is a classic grey stained 1-strip/plank floor with microbevel. The surface is brushed and to enhance the structure even more the pores has been given a light grey tone. The varying structure in the board..
Oak Nouveau Rich
Kahrs Oak Nouveau Rich With it´s saturated, rich and warm nuances, this floor creates a generous and luxurious ambiance. Kahrs Oak Nouveau Rich gets its name from the intensely warm colour of the wood. The shade, combined with the intricat..
Oak Nouveau Snow
Kahrs Oak Nouveau Snow Oak Nouveau Snow has a distinct white hue on a naturally colour varying oak, with white bevels and occasional white and darker knots. The surface is brushed and matt lacquered. This designer Kahrs oak Nouveau snow en..
Oak Nouveau Tawny
Kahrs Oak Nouveau Tawny Deep and dark tones with a warm glow underneath creates a robust and full-bodied atmosphere. Kahrs Oak Nouveau Tawny is fantastic as a statement floor. The strong coffee colours combined with the dark honey shades m..
Oak Nouveau White
Kahrs Oak Nouveau White Oak Nouveau White is a 1-strip floor with a brushed, white pigmented, matt lacquer finish. The wide oak planks are detailed with a white pigment and the charm of the wood’s rustic grain pattern. The textured surface..