Buckingham French Oak Rustic Grade

Buckingham French Oak Rustic Grade

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Product Code: S1001

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Buckingham French Oak Rustic Grade

Specially sourced and selected from well-managed and sustainable European forests, Buckingham Solid Oak flooring is manufactured in the UK. The result is a wide range of variously graded boards with an equally wide choice of size options and finishes.

If it is a solid floor that you require, the the Buckingham range deserves your attention. The pre-finished nature of this range combined with the different shades available has the potential to accelerate the senses of most people. The product itself is also available in an unfinished selection. 

It is very important to know the difference between engineered flooring and solid flooring from the offset. The obvious difference being that the engineered is mounted on an engineered base and the solid being wholly hardwood. The next aspect to help determine which type of floor you require is to think about where it is going to be laid and in which type of property. For a property that was built a substancial amount of years ago it is highly recommended to opt for an engineered floor whereas a more recently built property could accomodate both variations.
The Buckingham Range provided by Brooks Brothers can be laid in contrasting ways. In a property it can be mechanically fixed via a secret nailing technique generally upstairs where joist holds can be acheived. Downstairs where there may be a concrete subfloor, the product has to be glued down using a flexble polymer based adhesive such as LayBond. 
Buckingham Range Solid Flooring has tongue and groove sides. It is micro-beveled all round. Lengths range from 400mm to 1800mm to ensure minimal waste and a consistent lay. 

Tenchical Specifications


List Code S1001 S1001
Thickness (mm) 21 21
Wide (mm) 150 200
Length (mm)  Random 300-2500mm lengths (with a high percentage over 1200mm


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