Boen Jatoba 138mm Wide

Boen Jatoba 138mm Wide
Boen Jatoba 138mm Wide Boen Jatoba 138mm Wide Boen Jatoba 138mm Wide Boen Jatoba 138mm Wide Boen Jatoba 138mm Wide Boen Jatoba 138mm Wide Boen Jatoba 138mm Wide Boen Jatoba 138mm Wide Boen Jatoba 138mm Wide Boen Jatoba 138mm Wide Boen Jatoba 138mm Wide
Brand: Boen

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Product Code: Boen-Jatoba-138mm
Size (LxWxH): 0mm x 138mm x 9999999mm

Pack Coverage: 3.04m²

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Growing in popularity the Boen Jatoba 138mm wide from the 'Plank 138mm' Collection.


This board is 138mm for the greatest ease of installation. This board is of optimum width and length ratios for asleek look of the room over the whole surface.

This board is a very good choice within the Classic Elegance Style. The unique surface of the Jatoba Wood gives your floor the elegant warmth a a touch that is both personal and exclusive.

The bevel on this plank is 1mm deep with an angle of 45 degrees. The Bevel accentuates the plank format and adds a special touch.

Engineered flooring is comprised of multiple layers of plywood and a top layer of hardwood bonded together using a combination of pressure and heat to create floor panels which are usually wider than solid flooring. The middle layer consists of carefully selected wooden slats from quickly replenishable spruce trees. Vertical or semi-vertical annual growth rings ensure a high level of dimensional stability. Engineered flooring due to its enhanced stability can be installed in areas unsuitable for solid flooring such as areas with slight moisture such as basements, kitchens and bathrooms.


This board may be treated with many different types of surface finishes. Oil-treated floors emphasize the character of the wood and give the hardwood flooring a very natural feel. Lacquered surfaces are easy to care for. You can choose between Protect Ultra (Satin) lacquer or Lacquer or Matt Lacquer depending on your wishes.


Protect Ultra This is a very hard-wearing factory applied 7 layer silk finish. Protect Ultra is cured by UV light and does not emit any dangerous chemicals or gasses considerably reduces the care requirements and increases the durability of the parquet floor.

NaturalPlus Oil NaturalPlus Oil is breathable and ready-to-use, offers extremely good protection properties against liquids, completely natural ingredients (no harmful emissions), Improved UV stability and is made from natural oils, such as sunflower,"&" thistle or soya bean oil as well as naturally occurring waxes (carnauba, candelilla.)

The Boen Natural Oil Plus allows deep penetration of the natural oil into the wood is ensured by a two-time application of the natural oil on a custom-made production line. The wood pores are saturated, and drying takes place completely naturally in the open air during a process known as the Plus-Air Process. This produces one of the best and most wear-resistant natural oil surfaces on the market.

First treatment

We recommend a first treatment using BOEN Oil Freshen Up to make the surface even more durable.

Click here to view BOEN Oil Freshen Up


For standard cleaning, remove dust and dirt with a mop, broom or vacuum cleaner. Should it be necessary to damp mop the floor, apply 3 caps of BOEN Floor Soap on 5 litres water and damp mop the floor. BOEN Floor Soap is a concentrated water based solution for easy and thorough cleaning and treatment of finished oil parquet floors.


Click here to view BOEN Floor Soap


Never over mop your parquet floor as the wood might swell and damage the parquet floor. With regular use the cleaning agent acts as a natural moisturising agent making the surface become more resistant against re-soiling and the appearances of wear.

Regular maintenance

Your oiled parquet flooring should be treated from time to time using BOEN Oil Freshen Up. This particularly applies to floors which are exposed to high traffic and are cleaned frequently. The treatment renders oiled surfaces more hard-wearing; affected surfaces will get a silk mat natural gloss. Before use, the flooring should be dry and free from soiling.

Maintenance frequency

Moderate traffic areas, e.g. bedrooms and living rooms: 1 to 2 times per year

Medium traffic areas, e.g. hallway or offices accessible to public: depending on the exposure 1 time per month

High traffic areas, e.g. Restaurants, stairs, shopping malls, hotel entrances: depending on the exposure 1 time in the month or more often. Additionally the floor should be cleaned intensively 1 - 2 times per year and coated with BOEN Natural Oil, as described under “Finishing”.

Important note for high traffic areas

Should NaturalPlus surfaces be used in high traffic areas, such as restaurants, stairs, shopping malls, or hotel entrances, it is required, that the surface is covered with an additional coat of BOEN Natural Oil right after installation.

Click here to view BOEN Natural Oil

Boen's Gradings

Calm = Consistent growth; free of knots; standing or half-standing yearrings.
Living = Natural grading with small to medium knots; a limited spectrumof colours due to sapwood and heartwood.
Rustic = Structure and vivid growth;larger knots and sapwood; a rich spectrum of colours.

Floor Info
Pack Coverage: 3.04
Price (sq metre): £58.99
Species Jatoba
Wear Layer 3.5mm
Edge Detail Micro bevel
Grading Select
Underfloor Heating Suitability Yes
Length/Width/Thickness 2200/138/14mm
Finish NaturalPlus Oil, Protect Ultra
Installation Method BOEN X-Press Clic System

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