Artisan Hardwood Flooring Hamilton

From our showroom based in Hamilton South Lanarkshire Artisan hardwood flooring supply, install and restore hardwood flooring, focusing heavily on quality European and Canadian production materials. Artisan is a family owned business who's mission is to have "delighted" customers. We demand the highest standards from suppliers and staff, "Good enough isn't good enough." Avoid the pitfalls of choosing the wrong hardwood floor, give Scott (above) a call and he will talk you through the technicalities of choosing the right board for your particular installation. If you don't see what you are looking for on our website call Scott and he will do his best to supply you the right board at the best price possible. Our restoration division can repair & restore your tired wood floor to a finished surface that looks like new, using the latest technology in dust containment and finishing products from the leaders in floor finishes, the Swedish company Bona.

Classic Elegance

The Classic Elegance style is refined, calm and orderly and is emphasised by wood colours which start at the golden end of the spectrum, through warm brown to almost black.Balance and structure characterise the elegance that surrounds you. The curtains rest intentionally voluminously on a stunning floor, and the colours fall within a tight range. A traditional beauty pervades the interior, while surprising elements break the formal look. It could be a beautiful rug from other climes, or a lamp with an innovative design.

Pure Nordic

So simple, so neutral. There are no disturbing elements to this style. Inspiration comes from nature's tranquil palette, creating a cool interior look, characterised by abundant use of blonde wood. Dive into the way of Nordic inspiration. The floors in the Pure Nordic style are all in a lighter and paler shade, creating a calm and airy backdrop to the Nordic Interior. The Nordic floor have a matt surface due to the use of natural oil or matt lacquer. They are often treated with white pigmentation to mute the original colour. Wider planks and planks with bevel accentuate the long lines and purity of the style. Longstrip floors in a tranquil and pale gradings are also suited to this style

Urban Contrast

Play with colour, shape and functionality. Mix and match materials and patterns. The floors add warmth and radiance to a personal style where rules are meant to be broken. Life and energy in your home. The colour scale of the Urban Contrast ranges from greyish to dark brown. The Urban floors have a more masculine expression. They have a structure and texture resembling the rough materials of an urban habitat: concrete, asphalt, brick and stone. The vintage 1950s aura of a beautiful walnut floor is also perfect for this style.

Modern Rustic

Laid-back and cosy. Rooms full of soul and warmth. The floors have a rustic charm with their wide, rough floorboards and muted colours. There is plenty of space for everyone here, because this is where it's good to be. Rustic floors have a lived in appearance with lively patterns. This creates a cozy warm atmosphere. They come in a wide range of colours, from the lighter "shabby" white to the darker antique look. The surface should preferably be oiled, to accentuate the warmth of the wood.

Artisan Hardwood Flooring